During my RCIA Studies…

During my RCIA studies, I was also involved in a Catholic Scripture Studies program at St. Elizabeth’s that was very enlightening and educative on one Book in the Bible at a time.  This program, we did the Book of Matthew, was outstanding and helped me to better study the Bible.

I was also involved in a couple of prayer retreats, to better learn how to pray in various ways.  This further built my foundation in my new spiritual home.

Near the end of my preparation for Easter, St. Elizabeth’s Catholic Men Emmaus Group was to hold a three night, two and a half day Emmaus Retreat.  This is a retreat in which the new people hear the stories of other Christian men and how they found the Lord in their life.  It is very touching and pulls you even closer to God with each story.  There are also sessions where you bring out your story as it is unfolding, you learn more about the Bible, the Church, and through your listening to others, more about you.  During the whole time, there are other Emmaus “Graduates” praying in support for you and for your growth in the faith.  This is an event I would recommend all Catholics participate in, male or female!

Easter nears!

In Christ!

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