Well, not over, but changing…

Well, let me rephrase that last post.  Religious life isn’t over for me.  I have continued to do the Liturgy of the Hours (LOTH) (7 set prayer times a day, following a set rubrics) at least the four major Hours, and often all seven.  I still read the Bible daily, and pray frequently.  In my new home I have a kneel-er and pray in front of Christ as frequently as I can.

Two months ago I created a non-profit, 501c3 compliant, religious lead company and am in the process of getting it all legal and ready to support a host of Brothers in Christ.  I wrote a Rule of Life to be followed by me and the rest of the Brothers/Friars.

I am in the process of selling off all my possessions or giving them away, paying off any and all debt I have.  I am working on fully adopting the Rule of Life in my life, and that includes doing ALL 7 Hours of the LOTH, and all other aspects of the Rule.  Aside from any bills I have, all my income is going into the Order.

Religious Life is back in my life!

In Christ!

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