A few months ago I acquired a “basic” Catholic Package on the Logos 4.x platform that I thought was outstanding.  The Logos software allows you do do some pretty extensive searching on your digital library, which is highly index, allows you to compare Bible versus between translations, read whole books at a fraction of the cost of buying them in hard copy, bookmark locations, write notes, and all kinds of great things.  (Including reviewing projects people are working on and that share them with the world, including sermons, etc.)  I was VERY impressed with what I had acquired and been using on my studies and research into the Catholic Faith, the Bible, and faith in general.

Recently Logos came out with Version 5, and more importantly, to me, Verbum which is a “tweaked” version of Logos 5 that allows for a better correlation of text to the Catholic Faith system.  This tool has been outstanding!

If you are a person of Christian faith, interested in learning more about your faith and it’s foundations, this tool, Logos 5 or Verbum, is a MUST have.  If you are a minister this tool is a must have!  Your sermons or homilies will grow even stronger as you use this tool to grow in your faith!

If you are interested in starting I recommend that you call David Day at 360-685-2301 and tell him that Friar Don Bell sent you.  Mind you he deals mainly with the Catholic products, but he will point you in the right direction and hook you up with the right person for your needs if you are not Catholic.

Happy studies and learning!

In Christ!

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    • Between some of the translations you would be surprised how different the wording is and the actual meaning is because of the change in wording or words used! Yes, there are differences between some of the various translations.
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