Continue Changes in Life!

Yep, more changes in my life!

I am in the first stages of moving fully into the life of a Diocesan Hermit.  By that I mean, I am living the Rule of life, but must live it for six month to two years under Private Vows at which time, if I am living the Rule correctly I will give my Public Vows through the Church.

This is part of why I have been silent for the past few months, but also because I was moving into the country near a Catholic Church (in the same Dioceses and with the same Priest), and several other events in my transition process.

What does this change mean for me?  Well, my days are now spent in prayer, contemplation/meditation, reading from the Doctors of the Church, reading the Bible, and work about the Church and Hermitage.  MOST of my day is spent in prayer, contemplation and studying the Word and works of the Church.  What a GREAT way to spend the day.

It also means I will not be out and about anymore, except on Saturdays to shop, etc.  No more movies (HARD one for me!  Love my movies!  (My mom will like this probably!!  She thinks I watch too many I think!), no more going to friends, etc.  I get out for Mass at Saint Joseph’s and Our Lady of Fatima (on Saturdays), but the rest of the time is at the Hermitage or Saint Mary’s Catholic Church next door (of which I have keys for).

Contact info for me remains the same, except the cell phone, which remains the same but doesn’t work where I now live, however, I will not be answering emails, the phone or the door on Fridays.  This is a day of silence for me.  A better email for me is

In Christ,

Brother Don

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