Eight Months Later

Hello Folks!

So, I am back!!  It has been a fast and busy eight months since this board was up and since I was active on the blog.  The reason for this is adjusting to my new life and getting things in order.  I think I am there now.

I am living the life of a Hermit now, spending about 10 hours a day in prayer, and the rest of the day studying Philosophy or Catholic Theology.  And at the end of this month that study becomes formal in that I am going back to school to get a Bachelors and prayerfully a Masters after that in Theology.  I have the books and have started my studies this week, but officially don’t start until the 28th of this month…

I will be back to posting here more frequently now, and I look forward to chatting and catching up with you all!

Brother Don

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3 thoughts on “Eight Months Later

  1. It’s good to see you back at blogging again! You must be so excited about going to Rome. I hope that your passport etc. is all in order for this visit.

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