I don’t write enough…

Yep, I have this here to write, have a lot I want to say, but just don’t sit down and do it.

I need to get over worrying if I am going to upset someone with what I say and just come out and write it……..

Most of what I have to say is about religion, so again, I’d probably be making people mad or chasing them off.  Would be great if it started good conversations though.

What are your thoughts, do you want to hear what I’ve been thinking about religion in general?

In Christ,

Brother Don

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2 thoughts on “I don’t write enough…

    • The pilgrimage was going to be in September, but was unable to get enough to go, so it was canceled… More to come soon though I hope!

      Ok, at least one asked for it, you, so be ready to be bored. 😉 First post is up on my new string of post!!

      In Christ!
      Brother Don Bell recently posted…The Catholic Church…My Profile

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