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Well, for the past month and a half, I have been a bit slack on my spiritual life.  I haven’t really been reading much in the way of theology or within my faith (although I have done some “recreational” reading), and I have missed more of my prayer hours that I would have liked.  That has started to change today though, I am going back to my prayer life, although on a different schedule than I had as a Hermit.

I will not be getting up at Midnight to do the Office of the Readings, but will be doing them right after getting up at 5AM.  The Church I go to now does the Morning Offices prior to Mass, so I will be doing this Hour with the Congregation present at Mass.  The rest of the hours will remain at or close to their normal times. 🙂

In Christ,


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One thought on “Prayer Life

  1. How wonderful to read this . Eucharistic Adoration will go a long way in mankig reparation to Our Lord for the many blasphemies & sacrileges committed against Him in the Blessed sacrament .Pax et bonum .From Our Lady`s Land of the Southern Cross .

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