The Bishop of Rome, Pope and Leader of the Catholic Church

Over the past few years, I have heard a lot of bad mouthing the Pope of the Catholic Church, from outside the Church and unfortunately from the inside of the Church, even from Bishops and Cardinals of the Church.

While I don’t always agree with the Pope’s comments, I do FIRMLY believe that the Cardinals that sat in Conclave to vote in, at the Will of God, our new leader, go through a process that in the end, all of the Cardinals MUST accept as the Will of God, and must accept this new Pope as the Leader of the Church as we are supposed to.

This means that the Cardinals, Bishops, Priest, Deacons, Religious Brothers and Sisters, and Layette MUST accept him as our leader, and accept those things that he says when he speaks from the Seat.  Not ALL he says comes from “The Seat”.

Those within the Church should NOT be bad mouthing our Pope, should not be speaking out against what he says or does, unless it is COMPLETELY against God and TRULY not of God.

To date, I have not seen him do such a thing in his sayings and doings, and especially in anything he has done from the Seat of Christ as the Vicar of Christ.

While I agree with his thought that a one world, with one government would be great, I do not think that any of our current governments meet that need yet, and definitely do not think that the UN should be that leadership.  But that said, over all his comments here are solid in that it would be ideal.  And it is God centered which is good.  Those that are bashing him for this comment on the world needing one government are wrong in doing so.

Our Pope was duly voted in by his peers though a God centered process, which we must all accept.  Remember, and I say this from the “right” side of the pews not the “left” side, the Catholic Church, based on the Bible and the Words of Christ, is a “liberal” (or “left”) leaning religion.  We SHOULD expose the core beliefs of the “liberal left” of love, caring and sharing with our neighbors.  That IS the Church.

But at the same time, it is a love and sharing by ALL, not just the rich. and not just the ones that have what you want, and not by just the ones that believe different that you.  It MUST be bidirectional and enacted by all, going both ways.

The Bible allows for self defense, and in today’s society that includes the right to the 2nd Amendment and the right to bear arms, etc.  Theft and the taking of a life to gain what the other has is NOT supported in the Bible or the Church.

Come back to God folks, and if you are Catholic, come back to supporting OUR Pope and leader.  He was placed there by God.  You don’t have to agree with him, but you MUST support him and accept what he says from the Seat of Peter, and do as he says if you wish to remain fully Catholic.


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