The Bible.

There are many, many translations of Bibles out on the streets to pick from.  Even within the Catholic Church there are many approved and acceptable Bible translations to pick from.

Should you be able to read and understand Latin, the recommend Bible is the Catholic Latin version, as it is the closest translation to the Greek books that would have been read by Jesus and used by those people of Jesus’ time and for several years after that.

But, if you are an English speaking person, as of November 27, 2011, you will want to have at least one copy of the New American Bible, Revised Edition, as it is the translation that is used in, now, ALL English speaking Masses as of the 27th of November, 2011.

Now, if you are into scholarly studies of the Bible, a SECOND (you should still have a copy of the NAB/RE Bible on your book shelf so that you can go along with the Mass!) Bible to have would be the New Jerusalem Bible, which is a very good translation, and in most cases has a lot of great “side bar” information.

Be sure you have a Bible that has ALL of the Canonical books in them!  Martin Luther, in his Reformation, decided to take out seven books from the Old Testament to match what the Jewish were now using, based on Hebrew written text (although he translated from the Vulgate, which was the Latin translation from Greek text).  At the time of Jesus, most of the written word, even by the Jewish was in Greek.  Jesus would have been reading text from Greek books, and not Hebrew.

With the finding of the Dead Sea Scrolls and other ancient text, we are finding that the text used to create the Greek text of that time are pretty much dead on to the older Hebrew text, so the translation differences are not what many people thought in the early years of the Reformation and Protestant Schisms.

Prior to the late 90s or early 100s, the Jewish Faith accepted those seven books as inspired and used them as well.  (Those books are:  Tobit, Judith, 1&2 Maccabees, Baruch, Daniel (although this is still in the Jewish Ketuvim), Wisdom and Sirach)  It was not until this time that a SMALL few of the leaders of the Jewish Synagogues decided to remove them from their Nevi’im and Ketuvim as they were not written in Hebrew first, and before a certain time.  UNTIL that time, they were considered inspired by the faithful though!

There are other Bibles that are accepted by the Catholic Church, but unless  you are really wanting to get into deep research and in depth studies of the Bible, the only one needed is the New American Bible, Revised Edition that just recently came out.  A good “second” Bible to have is the New Jerusalem Bible.

In Christ!

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My Spirtual Beginnings – Part Three

During this time spent on the Reservation, I spent a lot of time with the Shaman of the Tribe.  I asked a LOT of questions about faith, the Earth, God, and life in general, many of which I had my answers to, but wanted confirmation or contradiction to my thoughts.  Through his translator (he said he didn’t speak English, but I think he truly did, and probably well!) we share may conversations and I learned and grew inside myself significantly.  Many of his sayings and stories meshed with what I had began to form in my life as well.  I was at peace within myself and starting to find out more about life.

During this time with him, I participated in a handful of Sweet Lodges (no drugs or booze involved!), and many a night in awakedness thinking things through.

Near the end of the stay, in perfect English, hence how I think he knew it well, he asked me, “Why do you ask all these questions, you are a Shaman of this Tribe and Nation already, and you know the right answers!?”  This took me back significantly.

A few days later, the Tribe was called together for a Blood Brother ceremony between Charlie and I, and at the end of the ceremony, I was announced as a Shaman of the Tribe.

For the next few years I was taught the stories of the Tribe and Nation from the beginning of their time until then.  I lead several Sweet Lodges, counseled members of the Tribe when they sought me and helped out as I could, passing on the story of the Tribe and Nation as I could.

But every time I passed a Knights Hall, I felt I belonged there.  Occasionally that dream I had for three years would pop back into my sleep again.  In 2000 I began to feel that I was not where I needed to be spiritually.  I still felt that the Native American ways were closest to what I was looking for in what I had looked at over the past years, but I wasn’t were I belong, of this I was sure.

I began looking at all the religions out there that I had looked at before, but still found them lacking, and I kept glancing over Catholicism, but passing up, as it was evil and wrong according to my upbringing and what I heard around me.

But those people I knew that were Catholic all seemed happy.

And my little brother converted to Catholicism in order to marry his great now Wife.  And he was loving it, and very happy in his faith!  (And he was a Knight, going into those Halls I felt called into.)

I began to think….

In Christ.

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