Life continues to change…

This past week I shut down my primary blog, however, I kept the domain and email services.  I was using PowWeb, which at one point was a good service, but they have gone down hill over the past couple of years, which was a partial reason I let them go.  (That said, they still host this site…)

As I move on in time, I find that I have wandered from the life I had as an active Diocesan Hermit, to become way to “Lay”..  That is changing yet again though.

I am heading back to the Hermit life, but this round as a lay hermit, that will spend my day in studies, prayer, and reading of the Bible.  My day will not be as structured as it was before, and will be more open to changes, but for the most part, I am going to be at home in prayer and reading religious text, or at Church/Church events.

This area is where I know I am called, and when I was a Diocesan Hermit, I was “home”.  The Bishops, for political and personal reasons, don’t seem to accept such life, even though it use to be a recommended lifestyle, so I will have to do it on my own.

In Christ,

Brother Don (Lay Hermit)

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